How to Write a Persuasive Essay

Has someone ever tried to convince or persuade you to buy what they are selling? How persistent are they? Why do they try to convince that one commodity is better than the other? Do you easily get convinced or you let them go further and explain themselves? A persuasive essay is similar to this situation. It seeks to persuade, convince, influence or motivate the reader(s) about something. As the name suggests, a persuasive essay chiefly aims at persuading the audience to agree with something. Purposely, it strives to inspire your reader(s) to agree with your views. Writing a persuasive essay is as simple as writing any other essay. It has similar features to that of other essays. However, the purpose it seeks to serve is different from that of other articles. A persuasive essay pursues to inspire the audience to agree with your opinions. To write a persuasive essay, it is fundamental that you pursue its main objective. You also need to ensure that your persistence makes them agree with you and that you show them why you are trying to convince them. To write a persuasive essay, put the following tips into consideration:

  • Select a topic. Pick a topic which you will be able to points supporting it or against it.
  • Choose a position. Having a firm position allows you to present your claims easily and sound more authoritative.
  • Develop a clear outline. An outline enables you to note down your points as well as have a smooth and easy flow on your article.
  • Choose a stance for your thesis. Your thesis statement needs to take a position on the subject. It presents the topic to your audience and helps show your firm position.
  • Conduct ample research. This will enable you to have enough evidence to support your claims. Additionally, it will help inspire your audience to agree with you.

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